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PickyDomains, risk-free domain name ideas

By on April 28, 2007

Many startups and individuals today are seeking great domain names that are available to register as an alternative to paying hundreds or thousands for a domain in the after market. PickyDomains is staffed by a group of web professionals world wide with experience in domain naming ideas.

The process is intuitively simple. Looking for a name? Deposit $50 into your PickyDomains account, describe what you are looking for and provide any guidelines for best results. This information is distributed to the many contributers for review and they begin work on researching suitable names for you. If the contributors happen to fail you miserably and none of the domains are worth registering, simply request your $50 be refunded.

I recently decided to sign up to be a name contributer for PickyDomains, their program rewards contributors who are successful in providing a name for a client with 50% of the service price, which equates to $25 reward for successful domain picks.

They are currently running a promotion for bloggers to use their free naming service in exchange for an article review of the site on your blog. So if you have a blog on a sub-domain or simply want a name idea for a separate project, check out the site and take them up on this offer. Who knows, I might be the talented contributor who provides you with an awesome name? You may come out on top, with a domain that is worth much more than $50.


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