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PHPLinkDirectory 3.4 Update – Excellent New Admin Features

By on March 15, 2009

Domainers have always been big fans of phpLD (PHP Link Directory), one of the most popular link directory and article directory scripts available today.  It provides an easy way to develop domain names or add a great new feature to your site (See: DotSauce’s Domaining Directory).

phpLD can help you build traffic and search rankings over time, while providing a great service to users and the potential to earn revenue through paid links and advertisements.

phpLD 3.4 has recently been released for download.  The cost of this script is $30, quite a good deal.  Featured in this update are many enhancements to the admin interface which improve management for sorting and editing submissions and categories.

A much needed improvement has been included which allows you to delete submissions as spam, which in-turn provides a quick way to delete and ban those devious spam link submitters.

The new version also comes with a new phpLD template called “Chrome” shown below:


While link directories do not gain search engine popularity as quickly as they did a few years ago, they are still a great way to build a niche site or compliment an existing community website.

phpLD has previously been featured by DotSauce in our list of 10 Outstanding & Affordable Scripts for Developing Domains.

If you have purchased before, check out phpLD 3.4 and if you haven’t, consider investing $30 in this great piece of software.

Don’t forget to submit your domaining related website to the DotSauce Domaining Directory!


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