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A True Domain Parking Revolution Has Come!

By on December 15, 2008

I have been hinting at my involvement with a revolutionary product in domain parking and development for a few weeks now.  I am happy to announce the wait is over! Parking Revolution is now live and accepting memberships for the most innovative, automated and fully featured domain development product ever to be released.

Continue reading for full coverage and some live example sites!

An Inside Look at Parking Revolution

ParkingRevolution.com is truly living up to their name.  CubeVisions Software, the makers of SteadyNiche, are now blurring the line between domain parking and advanced web development with Parking Revolution.

There are several great features I can’t wait to share.. so I am going to walk you through the best ones right now.

  • Fully Web Based – This advanced development software can be accessed from any computer online.  Each and every domain that you develop is hosted on Parking Revolution servers at no additional cost!
  • Intuitive Control Panels -User friendly administration means anyone can easily find their way around both the customer control panel and their own personal parking and development control panel.


  • Unparalleled Development Features – Parking Revolution is bringing amazing site development features to the table the likes of which our industry has never seen before. Here is just a small sample of some of those great features…
    • Word Replacement
    • RSS Feed Control
    • Unique Page Creation
    • Portfolio-Wide Widgets
    • Header & Footer Customization
    • CSS Design Control
    • Google Analytics
  • First Class Support – The team at Parking Revolution has been enthusiastically interested in my feedback.  Using their simple support ticket system my one issue was corrected in just a few minutes.
  • Multiple Money Makers – Paste your own Google AdSense code directly into your developed pages or update it easily throughout your entire portfolio.  eBay affiliates can plug in their campaign ID’s and start serving up relevant products and earning extra cash.  It’s also just as easy to add direct advertising or affiliate programs!
  • Amazing Site Content – Your domains will no longer feel “parked” at all.  With news and articles being updated constantly, built in Job Boards, YouTube Videos, Flickr photo streams, eBay Products, contact forms, and much more.

And The Best Feature of All…

It’s just $15 per month to develop up to 100 domain names fast!

See Parking Revolution in Action!

Here are some sites I setup in just a few minutes all together!  Using default Parking Revolution options all I had to do was input keywords and a description for a fully developed, feature rich website!  Take a minute to browse one or more to see Parking Revolution in action!

Example Sites…

  • Daily Poker Tip – Your source for insider poker tips and tricks.
  • Junior Surfing – Latest news and videos on the world of Junior Surfing.
  • GPS Explore – Top reviews, news and more on GPS Devices.
  • Celeb Meter – Celebrity news, videos, photos and gossip.
  • Immediate Legal Help – Articles, blogs, and more for legal help needs.

Sign Up!  Parking Revolution is amazingly only $15 per month to develop up to 100 of your domain names!  I can almost guarantee it will be one of the best investments you make!  Visit ParkingRevolution.com now.

What do you think?  I’d love to hear your feedback on Parking Revolution.  Please leave a comment below.


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