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Parking Revolution Updated With Great Monetization and Unique Content Features

By on January 31, 2009

When I originally announced Parking Revolution the response was phenomenal.  Parking Revolution is a new service that allows you to develop your domain names into beautiful mini-sites loaded with fresh content and ready to monetize.  The guys behind the scenes have been actively listening to and encouraging user feedback and putting your ideas into action!

Great New Feature Updates

  • Widget creation system, that allows you to create sidebar widgets for all parked domains. This is extremely useful for creating additional advertising spots, sponsoring content, sharing links or even creating simple blogrolls.
    • I used this to create a blogroll on one of my sites and already sold a link for $20 a month!
  • Now there are three types of customization includes: Header, Meta and Footer. Header includes will be added right after the <body> tag, Meta includes will be added between the <head> tags and Footer includes will be added right before the closing </body> tag.
    • This was my suggestion, thanks for adding header includes!  I can now create a network bar and link all my Parking Rev sites together!
  • Individual banner includes are now possible. This means that, instead of using the global banner includes, one of your domains can use specific includes.
    • One of the most requested features, now live!  Create unique AdSense code for each domain name.
  • If you feel that the default content being displayed by Parking Revolution isn’t very relevant to your domain subject, you can display content imported from an RSS feed.
  • Create new custom pages for any of your domain mini-sites.

Bugs Be Gone

  • Google Analytics integration now works perfectly
  • Performance tweaks on the entire system
  • Better cache for parked domains (means they will load faster)
  • Optimizations and minor bug fixes in the RSS Merging tool
  • Optimizations and minor bug fixes in the Rewrite Content tool

Sign Up!  Parking Revolution is amazingly only $15 per month to develop up to 100 of your domain names!  I can almost guarantee it will be one of the best investments you make!  Visit ParkingRevolution.com now.

In Other News…

Parking Revolution has launched a Forum, their own Blog and you can now connect with Parking Revolution on Twitter!

Send them your comments, suggestions and feature requests!

Video Demonstration

Check out my video demonstration where I do a short screencast of the admin panel, showing you a glimpse behind-the-scenes how easy it is to develop a domain with Parking Revolution.


(Click image to launch video in new window)

Sign up for Parking Revolution now and develop 100 domains for just $15!


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