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Parking Revolution Delivers New Features and a Jolly Christmas Discount!

By on December 17, 2008

Parking Revolution has announced some great new features and an exclusive 15% off discount code for the holidays.  Today you have the opportunity to be directly involved with Parking Revolution.

The guys at CubeVisions Software are actively listening to feedback from the original review on DotSauce and the official thread on NamePros and are taking all suggestions for new features into consideration!


Here are some of those new features! Continue reading for discount code…

Bulk Domain Development

Parking Revolution really shines when you spend a couple minutes tweaking keywords, page features and various revenue options.  However, you can now develop hundreds of domains instantly using a bulk submit form!

Improved Content Pop-over for more PPC Exposure

Parking Revolution pulls targeted site content and external links from various news sources and RSS feeds.  When a visitor to your Parking Revolution website clicks to read more of that content an awesome pop-over window is opened and external content is loaded within your page!

Here is an example: Click to read any article featured on DomainNameCoupon.com, powered by Parking Revolution.

They have tweaked this feature and now embed your AdSense or other affiliate code within the pop-over display.

When a visitor closes the article, blog or external link they will be right back on your Parking Revolution website where they left off.

Affiliate Program

If you are a Parking Revolution customer you will receive a unique affiliate link which allows you to earn 10% per sale for referring your domainer and developer friends! More details to be announced on the affiliate program soon.

Parking Revolution Site Showcase!

Yet another first, the Parking Revolution Showcase (see preview) will soon feature your developed domain names and display cool information on how it was customized and what sort of monetization is being used. Start developing with Parking Revolution and submit your sites to be included in the showcase!

Exclusive Discount – 15% Off Christmas Special!

As a Parking Revolution partner, DotSauce has been given an exclusive discount coupon code to be released to the public. Merry Christmas from Parking Revolution!

Enter code DOTSAUCE657 for 15% Off Any Package

Join ParkingRevolution.com now and develop 100 domains for just $12.75!

At this price you should have no reservations about giving Parking Revolution a try, and I’m sure you will be thrilled you did!


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