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Optimizing Your Website for Mobile, the iPad and Now Your TV

By on October 23, 2010

PadPressed was originally introduced by entrepreneur Jason Baptiste a few months ago. It’s a plugin solution for making your WordPress blog look nice on the Apple iPad, much like WPTouch does for mobile devices.

The newest release, CoverPad takes the concept one step further with cues from the popular FlipBoard news-reader application.

As seen in the video demonstration below, CoverPad uses CSS/XHTML to make your blog appear like a native iPad application without going through the App store.

Blog media is highlighted and content styled elegantly for readability.

CoverPad websites will have a hidden address bar and features for bookmarking as a home icon and social sharing.

Google TV

TechCrunch declared yesterday that the future of TV is HTML. We will soon see solutions similar to CoverPad for converting WordPress blogs into awesome video portals optimized for Google TV.

I have been hinting at the possibilities for awhile. It’s exciting to think that blogs will be able to effectively compete for the public’s attention in the living room.

If you want to learn about optimizing a website for Google TV right now, start at the official guide and read the latest from the Google blog for more information and examples.


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