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Nominet Report: ccTLDs on Rise, “Domains are BIG Business”

By on August 19, 2010

Nominet, managers of the .UK domain space have just released their annual domain name industry report for 2009.

Paul Carpenter, a Search Optimization consultant based in the UK has shared his thoughts and regional insight on the report.

After reviewing all of the data, Paul left us with these final words of wisdom:

If there’s one message coming loud and clear from this report it is that domains are BIG business – and whether you’re in SEO, marketing or business itself, you’d better start paying attention to the trends and the availability of domains in your target markets.

Domain Industry Report Highlights

  • Global registrations slowed, yet record 13 million created in 2009
  • Top 20 registrars in UK account for 75% of market share
  • Country-code domains on the rise, use and adoption increasing
  • Large growth expected in China for relatively new .CN domains
  • Only 61.5% of new domains are re-registered after 2 years
  • 90%+ of 10 year old domains are re-registered

You can read Paul’s analysis here or review the full report on Nominet.

Will there will be a surge of new ccTLD registrations in coming years? It seems clear that demand is on the rise. Google and other search engines are enabling this growth through focus on local results.

How will .US fare as it competes with .Com and the rapidly growing .Co? Please leave a comment below with any thoughts.


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