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New Search Engine Makes Ranking Data Public and Slashes Demand Media

By on November 1, 2010

A search engine with a unique twist launched this morning. Blekko aims to do the seemingly impossible and take on Google. Can they convince and convert users with better search results?

In this article I will take a look at two promising Blekko features that Google simply can’t and won’t compete with. First, take a look at this video introduction to the new search engine.

Open SEO Data

Being a web developer who tries to keep up with the latest SEO news, I was very interested to see that Blekko has made their SEO data public.

Each search result at Blekko has a dedicated page detailing information on incoming links, domain and host authority, geographic data and more.

Have you ever wondered just why in the world a certain page is ranking highly for a given query? Click the “SEO” link on any Blekko result and take a glimpse at interesting data that would normally have to be pieced together from various SEO tools.

Human Edited: Slashtags

Blekko’s premier feature is a query modifier called slashtags. These are custom made filters added to the end of your search that provide an extra level of refined results.

A directory of slashtags have been created to represent topics. A wide range of slashtags have already been added and users are invited to create their own. Here are some examples:

  • /technology – Results filtered to popular tech destinations
  • /health – Only known health authority sites are shown
  • /movies – Browse just the top movie information sites
  • /liberal – No articles from Fox news here

Another set of useful slashtags are also available. Here are some examples:

  • /blog – Filters results to only show blog posts.
  • /seo – Shows ranking data for any URL or keywords
  • /weather – Provides a weather report for your city
  • /date – Organizes results by the most recent data

Some slashtags will automatically be appended to certain queries when Blekko editors deem appropriate. It has been reported that results from mass content producer Demand Media are being filtered out in this manner.

This is something that Google could never do as it avoids favoritism and editing of results for legal reasons.

Will Blekko take a piece of the search pie?

I think they should change their silly name as soon as possible, but the technology looks very good. I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more about Blekko as they strive to take a piece of the search market. The good thing is, they don’t have to even come close to Google’s reach to be successful.

Are Blekko slashtags something you would use regularly? How about their public SEO data? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts or pass this article on to someone who may find Blekko interesting.


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