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5 New Domain Industry Websites to Keep An Eye On

By on August 21, 2010

The domain name industry has been going full steam in 2010. Many businesses are making headlines by adopting new strategies in a down economy. There are some exciting changes ahead of us.

I’d like to introduce you to 5 interesting and useful new domaining related websites to watch out for in the coming months. These websites have the potential to be a driving force for the domain industry in 2011 and beyond.

1. Devsa Marketplace

This is probably the most exciting new website I have heard about in the industry for some time. I’m honored to be the first to inform you about the beta launch of the Devsa Marketplace and social network.

This innovative and feature-rich new platform could potentially fill the void that Bido’s closing left. It’s built better than Bido, but is currently lacking auction mechanics. Key features right now include member domain portfolio management, blogs, fast communication tools, reputation and certifications.

The portfolio manager currently has functions for sending and receiving offers to purchase, ownership verification and domain pricing.

Stay tuned to DotSauce for a complete introduction and review of the new Devsa marketplace soon.

2. Domainer Income

This website was recently launched by industry veteran Simon Johnson. Domainer Income is looking to provide a one-stop-shop for almost all of a domainer’s needs and desires.

With a Domainer Income account you can browse aftermarket auctions or expired domains and view comparable sales. Paid members have additional features such as portfolio management, trend watching, keyword reports and more.

Domainer Income is also now monitoring the performance of top parking companies in terms of domain volume.

3. Domain Developer’s Fund

I originally heard about this from Michael Berkens’ TheDomains last week and it has now been featured on PCWorld. This seems to be the first investment funds specifically focusing on domain name acquisition and development.

There are some questions that have arisen, such as who the official partners for the fund are and exactly what domain names will be invested in.

Additional information about the Domain Developer’s Fund can be found on TechCrunch’s CrunchBase or Michael Marcovici’s blog.

4. Epik.com & Developers Conference

Epik is a web development company catering to domainers. Their platform includes various products and services aimed at best monetizing certain domain types. Included are highly detailed product portals, directories and other useful development starting points.

Founder, Rob Monster and team have done an excellent job promoting advancement in a space that is lagging behind on web development technologies.

Watch out for Epik’s automated appraisals system and the first Epik Developer’s Conference forthcoming on Sept. 15th in Seattle, WA. (See video below)

5. DotSauce Q&A Forum

A little self promotion here. The DotSauce forum community is poised to be the go-to location for on-demand information about the domain industry. In just 2 months, we have reached 100+ members, 100+ questions and well over 300 answers.

Here are just a few of the cool things you can do on the DotSauce Q&A forum:

  • Browse the top community members
  • Connect with and message other community members
  • Create a profile with your bio and link to your websites
  • Create alerts for questions on specific topics
  • Earn awards for feats of super domainer strength

Consider joining to help out your fellow domainers and newcomers to the industry. It is needed now more than ever. Share your ideas and you just might be rewarded more than you expected by discovering something for yourself.

Thanks for checking out these 5 new domain websites and businesses. I hope you have found them useful. Start putting them to work towards your success in the domain industry.


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