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NBC’s ‘Heroes’ secret viral website

By on April 23, 2007

NBC’s Heroes television series returns tonight from it’s several month hiatus. If you can’t quite remember what happened you might want to recall what the characters are up to or watch past episodes.

For those of you blasphemers who don’t watch Heroes, there is a cover organization in the show called the Primatech Paper Company, it is a front for a secret laboratory which studies the genetics of those with special powers or “heroes.”

NBC has cleverly developed the fake website PrimatechPaper.com, which is modeled after the company on the Heroes TV series. Fans of the show have since unraveled the secret ‘easter egg’ to this domain as well as a secret blog which appears to be written by the character “Wireless” whom appears in one of the last episodes.

See for yourself… click on the “About Us” tab of Primatech site and then click on the PrimatechPaper logo image. You will then be prompted to enter a username (bennet) and password (claire). You will then have access to numerous ‘private company files’ which contain information and images on various Heroes characters and their special powers. The passwords can be found at samantha48616e61.com (Wireless’ Blog).

This neat hidden website was leaked slowly across Heroes fan forums, blogs and email, the usernames and passwords for each file were disclosed in various intervals on Wireless’ Blog to keep people on their toes and coming back for more. The Primatech Paper company website most likely has sparked interest in thousands of new viewers of the Heroes series. Those new fans then realize the commitment that NBC has to creating a rich storyline and appeasing their appetite for Heroes secret content.

When it comes to the internet, we should know by now that a secret is never kept a secret for long.

Could you incorporate a secret website into your business or personal website? What could a viral domain do for you?


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