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This Thursday: NamePros Live Domain Name Auction

By on May 20, 2008

NamePros, a long established domain industry community has been holding live domain name auctions via their chat rooms for a long time now.

RJ, the founder of NamePros was kind enough to allow DotSauce to plug their popular domainer chat rooms onto our website! If you are a member of NamePros.com you may access the chat room directly from DotSauce.


The next NamePros Live Auction starts Thursday at 6PM Eastern time!

With each auction the system is tweaked and improved for clarity and security and is now an excellent way to find great deals on quality domains as well as a great place to sell your own names.

Visit the chat room to connect with fellow domainers, discuss the latest industry news and trends and have some fun! You will always find some great people in the chat room 24 hours a day.


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