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Interview With @NameCheap: The Most Popular Registrar on Twitter

By on December 31, 2008

Many web developers, designers and now domainers are flocking like an army of little blue birds to Twitter, a social status service that allows you to share what you are doing in 140 characters or less. Over the Holidays, NameCheap.com ran a wildly successful trivia contest promotion which amassed them a huge number of followers. This is the story of their success on Twitter.

About how many Twitter followers did @NameCheap have before your contest began?

Maybe 30. We set it up and used to to answer basic questions and offer specials, but it wasn’t something used regularly.  (NameCheap now has 4,221 followers!)

What has the response from contest participants been?

Overwhelmingly, they loved it. Many people asked for more contests. It was blogged about quite a bit as well, with some participants even showing how to answer the quickest. Even the CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams, mentioned how much he liked the idea.

What was the total amount of domain names that were won?

Over 600.

Who organized all the Christmas trivia questions? I’m sure they deserve some recognition.

Our Marketing Specialist Michelle Greer wrote them.

Have you seen a significant increase in new customers during the contest?

Our website got 47% more new visitors.

What are your future plans for the @NameCheap twitter account?

Possibly more contests. Definitely updates on our service and basic support.

I see NameCheap is on Facebook as well, how has your experience been with that network?

Good. It puts names and faces behind our customers.

How do you think social networking will affect domaining in 2009?

It allows us to offer more hands-on support with our customers and will help us understand how we can offer what our customers want. It will also help connect domainers with other domainers as well as potential buyers for their domains.

Thanks for answering these questions NameCheap! Be sure to follow @DotSauce and check out this List of Top Domainers on Twitter too!


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