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Montenegro Granted New “.ME” Domain Name

By on September 16, 2007

ICANN has approved a request for assigning the .ME domain to Montenegro, which just last year declared independence from Yugoslavia. This new extension was proposed as an alternative to the current .YU sub-domains. Luckily for Montenegro the country of Macau already has the .MO domain, which allowed for the new 2 letter variation.

Early speculation is leading many domainers to believe this new extension will be a smash hit, though not in the sense that it will replace current generic and popular extensions such as .com, .net, and .org. However, it is my feeling that .ME could be an excellent domain for personal blogs and web applications which are focused on social networking and personal development.

There is no official time frame for the public release of the .ME extension or any mention of projected registration fees. A report must be filed to the United States Department of Trade for review and following approval an order will be sent to the Verisign company to implement the .ME domain in the root-zone. Once completed, the technical requirements for its implementation, registration and sale will be met.

I will post another update when more information is available on release date and pricing.

What are your thoughts on the possible success or failure of the .ME domain?

I would love to get some insight from the readers, please leave a comment.


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