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Domainer Legened Yun Ye and Other Multi-Million Dollar Success Stories

By on May 14, 2009

Michael Wong, SEO and Business blogger, published a fantastic editorial today featuring 8 ordinary people achieving extraordinary success.

These mostly young entrepreneurs, software developers, affiliate marketers and bloggers made their millions by developing businesses online.

However, there is one man that stands out who didn’t do anything like the others. He invested in domain names!

Yun Ye Sold His Domain Portfolio for $154 Million

yun-yeThe highlighted feature in Michael Wong’s editorial is Yun Ye, a domainer who got started in 1998.

Just four years ago he agreed to the sale of his 100,000 domain names. The portfolio was acquired by Marchex, now a leader in local search advertising.

Michael Wong and this 2006 DNJournal Cover Story report additional details that Yun Ye’s portfolio earned more than $20 million a year in parking revenue, with $19 million in profits. Marchex paid 8.6 times annual earnings, based on figures provided in SEC documents.

Build Your Online Empire Today

It’s inspiring and gratifying to hear about these life-changing stories of online business success. It’s good to see that even small online business can pay off big if you put your heart into it.

Yes, they had somewhat of a head start in their respective industries.  Revenue models change, Domainers obviously can’t rely solely on PPC or parking revenue anymore.

Development tools, software and social networks are evolving and innovating over time.  New technologies have been developed that make it easier to build and maintain online business.

There is virtually infinite opportunity still today to achieve extraordinary success online, and many will in the coming years.

Invest in domain names now and get your own head start!


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