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Live Preview of Professional Domain Appraisals by midFlux

By on September 1, 2008

We would like to introduce to you our latest sponsor, midFlux, a company who offers professional and innovative domain appraisals at an extremely affordable price.  For the next few months you will see midFlux featured at the bottom of our RSS feed through email and syndication across the web.

The cost of a midFlux domain appraisal is an astoundingly low $3.95!  Before we go into some details on why midFlux domain appraisals rock, we’d like to share with you two live examples of their work:

midFlux Live Appraisal: FitnessMeal.com (View Here)

midfluxseal.pngWhile we feel we could get a little bit more for this domain name if sold to the right buyer, midFlux delivered an excellent appraisal that we would definitely share with a potential buyer as a starting point for a sale.

midFlux Live Appraisal: Astounded.com (View Here)

This one word gem was professionally appraised by midFlux and really highlights the strong points of this domain, it’s memorability (1 word brand) and domain age (9 years old).

Why Should I Get A Domain Appraisal?

Domain sales can be a hassle and often times take many days of back and forth bartering, offers and counter-offers, private messages and emails.

A professional domain appraisal gives your domain real world credibility from a trusted third-party.

Domain appraisals provide confidence to both buyer and seller.

What Factors Does midFlux Consider When Appraising?

Unlike other appraisal services who don’t promote their tested factors to buyer or seller, midFlux has 10 great points of valuation.

  1. Top Level Domain
  2. Number of Charactersmidfluxpreview.png
  3. Search Engine Popularity
  4. Commercial Value
  5. Market Demand
  6. Language Terms
  7. Traffic Rankings
  8. Registration Length
  9. Name Popularity
  10. Other Basic Factors

Why Should I Choose midFlux Over a Bigger Company?

Professional domain appraisals by midFlux are extremely affordable ($3.95) and are permanently stored on midFlux servers to share with potential buyers.

Go ahead and give them a try and see how domain appraisals can improve life as a domainer by allowing you to earn more money through sales!


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