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“.ME” Domains Landrush: 1 Week Left to Pre-Register!

By on June 17, 2008

The .ME domains landrush is closing soon! Anyone may apply for .ME domains name during this period. After Landrush closes on June 26th, domain names requested by multiple parties will be auctioned privately.


Pricing and the Future of .ME

The cost of early registration (landrush) for .ME domains is $49/year and requires a two-year minimum registration. So, your .ME domains will cost you roughly $100.

May seem pricey… but consider that you will get first pick from all the best .ME domains!  Choose which names you pre-register wisely! You will have two years for the .ME extension to emerge and grow in popularity. Plenty of time to develop a business or generate traffic and revenue.

Promising Poll Answers

In a recent poll featured for several weeks on DotSauce.com over half of participating readers responded that they would in-fact register a .ME domain name!

Premium .ME domains such as Fly.ME, Drive.ME, Contact.ME will be auctioned off by GoDaddy with expected impressive sales numbers that will surely draw attention and raise the market value of all .ME domains.

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.ME Domains Managed by GoDaddy

Here are some key points of value for .ME domains.

  • Will not be restricted, anyone in the world can claim one.
  • GoDaddy will use its marketing muscle to globally promote it.
  • Many languages contain the word “me” with various catchy meanings.
  • Huge branding potential for English speaking countries.
  • All registrars will be invited to resell the .ME extension.

Pre-Order Your .ME Domain @ GoDaddy Now

Best of luck during the landrush!


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