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Great News! Register .ME Domains for Just 1 Year

By on October 3, 2008

The .ME domain registry has just announced that the registration length requirement has been reduced to 1 year!  If you missed out on the landrush now is the time to register .ME domain names at GoDaddy for just $19.99.

The .ME domain name extension has grown wildly popular in just a short amount of time since it’s launch in April.  Many websites have been developed, branded and promoted.

There have been some serious .ME aftermarket sales at high profile live auctions.  Get in on the action by snagging your great .ME domains.

These great new domain names are here to stay!  It should be easy enough to earn your small investment back within 1 year.

You can buy .ME domains at GoDaddy for just $19.99!


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