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March Madness Domain Auction and Pro Tips for Winning the $1000 Contest

By on March 20, 2009

DomainConsult.com has just released the premium auction inventory for the March 25-31 live domain name auction.

domain-madness.pngSome great domains are being listed for sale in the auction, and YOU have to pick which ones will be winners!

It’s sort of like your college hoops tournament bracket, but a whole lot geekier and the winners get paid.

Read below for some pro commentary on how to take home the $1000 prize.


Auction & March Madness Contest Schedule

March 25th… Auction Opens – Prebidding

March 26th… Contest Closes – 11:59pm

March 31st… Pre-Bidding Closes: 2pm CST
Live Finale Begins: 2:15pm CST

April 7th… Official, Final Auction Results Announced

April 30th… Contest Winner Announced

For more information on participating in the auction visit the March Madness Auction HeadQuarters for more info and additional updates.

Insider Tips From DotSauce on How To Win the $1000!

There are two domain names that are being listed with no-reserve! So, we know that these domain names will sell. Click those names on your official Contest Entry form.  Remember, only click on the names you think will sell.

  • IceSkating.net  $0
  • StayThin.net  $0

DotSauce Picks for winning domains…

  • Antidepressant.net $750
  • BlockAds.com $250
  • GJR.com $4200
  • TravelGiveaways.com $900
  • ToyFest.com $350
  • SearchEngineTool.com $2000
  • ITemployment.com $2200
  • InsectControl.com $3800
  • Groomed.com $2400
  • Doodling.com $3500
  • HomeCleaners.com $3300
  • FinancialGrowth.com $1000
  • Tale.com $8000

Of course other domain names will sell, but I feel the ones above have a really good chance of reaching their reserve price during the auction.

I would not be surprised to see some of the high ticket domain names selling also, there are some real gems here…

  • AutoFinder.com $1.65m
  • Speak.com $90,000
  • Inventing.com $75,000
  • Baby.net $44,000
  • WeddingStore.com $40,000

But will someone be able to make the investment? Only time will tell. Go with your gut and a little bit of research into each name and you may just take home the $1000 contest prize. Best of luck!


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