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Poll: How Do You Make Money Online?

By on October 28, 2008

Economic times are rough and we’ve heard reports of domain parking revenue dropping significantly over the past year. However, there are still countless opportunities and tried-and-tested methods for making money online.

I recently viewed the results of a poll on ProBlogger in which only half of respondents stated that they make money by means other than blogging.  Kind of a depressing result, however his readers are, of course, thousands of bloggers. Here we are domainers and developers!

I am sure there are many different ways we all go about earning our income in this industry.  I have put together a poll featuring all the ways I could think of that domainers earn money online.

Check all the boxes that state ways you make money online or please fill in your own answer if I missed something.

The results should be interesting after a good amount of response. Hopefully the results can inspire us to branch out and discover new ways of earning money with domains and web development.

What are your thoughts on making money today in the domain and development industry? Please leave a comment below.


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