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Looking Back on DomainFest 2008

By on January 26, 2008

DomainFest Global 2008 was a fantastic and life-changing experience. I attended several enlightening sessions on domaining, legal matters and the future of our industry. I made more direct connections with professional domainers, organizations and fantastic companies than would be possible in months of communicating online.

SnapNames Live Auction Recap

Apart from the wildly enthusiastic networking session with the NetworKING himself and an awesome themed party at the Highland Nightclub, the SnapNames Live Auction turned out to be the most fun. Even though I did not participate directly aside from snapping pictures and keeping the open bar lively, I enjoyed watching the bidders battle it out for premium domains.

I was going to post the domain sales from the live auction directly, but it seems many other domaining blogs have had the same idea. So, sparing myself the data entry, I’ll direct you to these lists of updates on the auction: Day 1 & Day 2 results from Frank Michlick.

Domainer’s Choice Awards Winners

During the closing dinner at DomainFest, the Domainer’s Choice Awards were announced. DotSauce was a final nominee for the category of Best Domain Publication. However, DotSauce didn’t take the win, but congratulations to Ron Jackson’s DNJournal and all the other winners for taking the top spots.

Best Domain Auctions – Tie → SnapNames & Moniker
Best Domain Financial Services → Escrow.com
Best Domain Marketplace → Sedo.com
Best Domain Publication → DN Journal
Best Domainer Tools → DomainTools.com
Best Domainers Blog → ElliotsBlog.com
Best Hosting Company → GoDaddy
Best Industry Spokesperson → Frank Schilling
Best Registrar Award → Moniker
Domain Ambassador Award → Michael & David Castello
Domainers Rising Star → Michael & David Castello
Industry Achievement Award → Kevin Ham
Industry Customer Service Rep → Eben Smith of Sedo
Industry Trade Association → Internet Commerce Association
Parking Company Award → TrafficZ

Sharing the Knowledge

Stay tuned for upcoming articles about my experiences at the DomainFest conference. I had a chance to sit down and talk with some brilliant minds such as Tan Tran of FreshDrop who shared some phenomenal advice with me. I would also like to share some of what I learned at the sessions with Frank Schilling and John Battelle, co-founder of WIRED Magazine.

Networking & Sponsorships

For all those whom I met and promised access to a DotSauce Premium Subscription, please get in touch with me. I would love for you to check it out, contribute, and offer your opinion on the exclusive content.

To the individuals and companies who expressed interest in advertising on DotSauce, please see more information on the Sponsorship page or contact me privately.


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