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Logo Designs Can Increase Domain Values By 100x or More

By on February 16, 2010

Nothing compliments a domain name like a really nice logo design. The creation of a brand identity immediately increases the value of any domain name. In some cases a professional logo design can turn a $7.50 domain registration into $1000+ brand package.

Here are three businesses that really get it when it comes to uniting well designed logos with domain names.


Brandstack (formerly IncSpring), which I wrote about here and listed in the Top 20 Places to Buy Domains in 2010 was originally a marketplace of logo brand designs.

Designers were naturally coupling domain names with their brand creations to further increase their value and interest. It works both ways. A quality .com domain name will make a professional logo design all that much more valuable.

Brandstack has continued to improve their platform over time to make it a user-friendly marketplace for both buyers, sellers, designers and domainers. So, they now have a unique area just for domain name sales (with or without logos).


Brandbucket is similar in concept to Brandstack, but they cater specifically to quality, pronounceable and short .com domains.

If your domain qualifies to be listed on Brandbucket they will create the logo for you and help to market your brand for sale. I have not listed here personally, so I can’t speak from experience, but there is likely a hefty commission fee to be paid upon a sale.

Pricing across Brandbucket seems to be inflated for the majority of listings. I’m sorry, but you’re not going to get $4000 for Oscula.com, don’t fool yourself.

Castello Brothers

Castello Cities Internet Network at CCIN.com is owned by brothers Michael and David Castello, two or the biggest players in and supporters of the domain industry. I’d like to point out some of their portfolio as they obviously understand the value of a quality brand image.

How To Cash In on Logo Designs For Your Domains

With the vast array of open source software and tools available today for web development. Web design, logo creation and branding is actually the biggest challenge a business or individual faces when launching a web presence.

Obviously not every domain name is destined to be a brand. It’s ultimately up to you to decide which of your domains is best suited for brand creation or if it is worth the investment to hire a designer.

Like I mentioned previously in the bit about Brandbucket’s pricing, you need to be reasonable with your asking price and have a clear goal in mind. That goal should be to make a sale. Many of the brands on these marketplaces will sit for years because they are asking for a fraction too much, making the sale unrealistic.

Get In Touch With The Creatives

Connecting with designers is now easier than ever. Twitter is a great place to start. I have been creating a Twitter list of designers myself that you’re more than welcome to check out. There is also a list of domainers if you’re interested.

Alternatively, there are always popular freelance marketplaces like oDesk, available to hire designers on the cheap and you can post an ad for your design job for free on FreelanceSwitch.

Here’s an idea: If you can’t afford a professional logo design for your domain, consider befriending a designer and offer them a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the brand.

Has creating a logo brand for your domains help you make a sale? Do you know of any other businesses or services that get it when it comes to domains and logo designs? I would love to hear about your experiences. Please leave a comment below.


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