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SEOmoz Announces Linkscape! SEO Tool for Domain Valuation and Much More

By on October 7, 2008

SEOmoz has just launched their own private index of the world wide web, currently 30 billion pages and growing.  So Google has done this already, right?  Well, SEOmoz is opening up this data to you through their new SEO tool, Linkscape.  Allowing you access to unprecedented domain and web page metrics which you can use to analyze and even compare 5 different domains simultaneously.Linkscape is an awesome link research system where you can gather and study a domain or pages’ mozRank (similar to PageRank) and mozTrust.  Link information such as nofollow attributes, <img> tagged links, and many other cool metrics Google wouldn’t dream of sharing.


Snoop on your competitors and find out ALL their inbound links, the quality of those links and other deviously cool information that can help you drive your website to the top of search rankings.

I will leave SEOmoz to do the in-depth presentation of Linkscape.  Their website currently has a free demo available, lots of documentation and video tutorials and even a sweet comic strip detailing Linkscape in a humorous yet informative manner.

Linkscape is going to change the way SEO professionals live and work!

With an SEOmoz PRO membership ($79/month) you get full access to all Linkscape metrics plus full access to all their other sweet SEO tools.  I highly recommend it for any domainer.


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