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Link Roundup 2 – Domaining, Startups, WordPress, Social & More

By on July 12, 2010

Every day on Twitter (@DotSauce), I share links to articles, resources and apps of interest to web professionals. This month I have categorized links as domaining, small business, startups & entrepreneurship, social networking, web development, design, and WordPress.

These links were selected from June 12th to July 12th 2010.

Domain Names

Mahalo uses keyword domains to drive traffic http://bit.ly/aLs5L3

Worldwide domain registrations double over past 4 years http://bit.ly/b9BXVh

How To Automate End User Domain Sales Marketing http://bit.ly/aUqqv8

Domain Name Dispute and Arbitration Resources http://bit.ly/cSKSdo

Right Brain Domaining http://bit.ly/dlEb0Q

Job.com: 50% Of Visitors Come From Direct Navigation http://bit.ly/cximY3

How Domaining is Like Collecting Baseball Cards http://bit.ly/caKm1h

Premium TLDs: Not All Extensions Created Equal http://DotSauce.com/3753

Small Business

Self hosted options voted best to set up shop online http://bit.ly/d0B7W4

A look at the freemium business model http://bit.ly/aeONDQ

How The World Spends Time Online http://bit.ly/cGT6hH

10 Ways To Be Your Own Boss http://bit.ly/bT4Vnf

How to Bootstrap a Business http://bit.ly/a2dEca

9 Expert SEO Tips for Small Businesses http://bit.ly/cghbdY

Everything I learned in business came from 3 charts http://bit.ly/akZOYv

Startups & Entrepreneurship

76 Powerful Thoughts from Paul Graham http://bit.ly/9IX3dU

Everything You Need To Know About Startup Ecosystem http://bit.ly/aPzV9w

How to hire a programmer to make your ideas happen http://bit.ly/atnHXg

10 Tips for Startups on Naming Your Company http://bit.ly/bqFL62

Competition Is Overrated http://bit.ly/d6Ufv0

Why many successful entrepreneurs came out of PayPal http://bit.ly/dlW2Lz

BBC Special: Start-Up Stories http://bit.ly/bBho96

Social Networking

15 Awesome Social Media Infographics http://bit.ly/ap5KNk

Twitter T.CO Domain As Official Link Shortener http://bit.ly/d9wkdb

How Much Is a Facebook Fan Really Worth? http://bit.ly/ba6em0

Measure Social Media and Its Impact on Your Brand http://bit.ly/bel6H4

Is Social a Source for B2B Leads? http://bit.ly/bF9oXv

Jive Software Wants to Be Facebook for the Enterprise http://bit.ly/d55Yw4

Pick&Zip – Download All Your Photos from Facebook http://bit.ly/cPLyyH

MySpace will attempt a comeback later this year http://bit.ly/9nvyIy

2/3 of Web Users to Visit Social Networks by 2014 http://bit.ly/bkx8xT

6 Social Media Mistakes And How to Fix Them http://bit.ly/af12fc

Web Design

Get a head start: Designing Websites for Google TV http://bit.ly/9g44sd

Fancy Sliding Form with jQuery http://bit.ly/ctk3Ak

10 Beautiful Minimalist Icon Sets http://bit.ly/9PdbSV

Will LESS Make CSS Obsolete? http://bit.ly/aqCX7V

50 Powerful Time-Savers For Web Designers http://bit.ly/cfugo9

Web Development

Information Architecture: Enhancing User Experience http://bit.ly/cjUSml

Spice Up Your Website With jQuery Goodness http://bit.ly/ds5Ik6

30 Pro jQuery Tips, Tricks and Strategies http://bit.ly/9iy88e

Firefox Reveals Websites’ Best Friend and Worst Enemy http://bit.ly/92yf6q

The Right Keyword Analysis For Your Website http://bit.ly/9qI2o4

The Right Keyword Analysis For Your Website (Part-2) http://bit.ly/93y0fw

The State of HTML5 Apps http://bit.ly/bxDaAt

29 Worst Practices: SEO Checklist http://selnd.com/c66S5S

Beginner’s Guide to SEO from SEOmoz http://bit.ly/cpLPaH

Collection of website user experience misconceptions http://bit.ly/aeAwre

The 10 HTML Tags Beginners Aren’t Using http://bit.ly/dwLbSi

HTML5 Rocks!: A resource for web developers by Google http://bit.ly/aKgViR

Link Building With The Experts http://bit.ly/cam58E


WordPress Plugin – Ozh Drop Down Admin Menu http://bit.ly/bkLyhD

WP 3.0 Easy Post Types Plugin http://bit.ly/9MGtCd

WordPress Plugin – Compresses  files – WP Minify http://bit.ly/aS7TEB

The Ultimate WordPress Shopping/Ecommerce Toolbox http://bit.ly/cuL8yb

Essential Plugins for WordPress 3.0 http://bit.ly/bQGDNg

Build Your Own Website Network  With WordPress 3.0 http://bit.ly/cNPpVR

10 Useful WordPress Security Tweaks http://bit.ly/akY5PB

Email Commenters WordPress Plugin http://bit.ly/9uSHau

WP Facebook Plugin http://bit.ly/boKJJe

Top 15 Premium WordPress Plugins http://bit.ly/9IwgWz

Random & Useful

Best Chrome Addons for Power Blogging http://bit.ly/crj42ab

Google Chrome Gets Extension Sync http://bit.ly/a0iCMT

Encrypt the web – HTTPS Everywhere for Firefox http://bit.ly/9glXUe

Everything you need to know about the internet http://bit.ly/cm0zsV

Bounce – Fun, easy way to share ideas on a website http://bit.ly/aLVGZq

67 trendy innovations – Innovation Insanity: http://bit.ly/9felnf

How People Are Using the iPad http://bit.ly/df5aY5

I hope you found a lot of these resources useful.

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