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LifeHack’s How to Brainstorm Domain Names

By on June 25, 2007


While reading through the “Productivity” folder of my various RSS feed subscriptions, which includes news from such websites as ZenHabits and Lifehacker, I was surprised to see an article from LifeHack.org on How to Brainstorm Domains.

It is a quality read with a more realistic, personal and down-to-earth approach to actually picking a name that will work for you. This may not be as helpful for experienced domainers who know exactly what they are looking for and have been buying names for years. If you are new to the domain industry I would definitely recommend reviewing the steps and tips Lifehack proposes in this article.

LifeHack praises the instant search capability of Ajax powered domain availability searches such as InstantDomainSearch.com, AjaxDomainSearch.com and their favorite AjaxWhois.com because it allows you to save “favorite” domain choices.


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