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Last of the 4 Letter Dot Com Domains

By on July 30, 2007

UPDATE: November 2007 marks an historic time in the domain name industry! ALL four letter (LLLL.com) domains have been registered!

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We all know that 2 and 3 letter dot com domains are a thing of the past. Even country code and novelty domain extensions are essentially ‘sold out’ of 3 letter domains. While the sheer amount of combinations drastically increases with 4 letters within a name (456,976 in fact). We still know that these domains are quickly becoming an ‘endangered species.’ Hundreds are being claimed daily by domainers, big name registrars, traffic tasters, investors and end users.

Remaining LLLL Domains


To clarify in common domaining terms, there is quite a big difference between 4 letter domains and 4 character domains, which are referred to as LLLL.com and CCCC.com respectively. “Characters” can include hyphens or numbers.


Letter quality plays a big part in the leftovers of the last of the 4 letter dot com domains. These four letters are what is stopping up the plug on the available pool of 4 letter domains. Q, X, Y & Z simply are not able to provide substantial meaning to any combination of acronyms. We hate to get them in Scrabble and we surely don’t want them in our domain names.


What is left?

Enter DYYO, the unofficial experts on the 4 letter dot com domain industry. They provide a full featured website including statistics on how many 4 letter dot com domains are registered each month, how many are remaining, searchable lists of available LLLL.com domains and recently expired LLLL.com domains.

I personally own two 4 letter domain names, though I prefer to invest my time and money in domains which are easy to develop and have good end-user potential. The number of LLLL.com domains will continue to decline and is never expected to go above 30,000 at this given time. If at some point there noticeably large spikes in registration, a large domain registrar or investor may decide to mass register the remaining LLLL.com domains at which point the price of them all will sharply increase.


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