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Killer Startups, will these Web 2.0 domains survive?

By on April 26, 2007

KillerStartups is a Digg style directory of Web 2.0 startups. More or less, 20 startups are submitted for review each day. Many of them are promising services, social networks, applications, tons of innovative ideas vying for the right to be declared killer!

Before you start browsing through start-ups that peek your interest, please go to our page on KillerStartups, we would appreciate it if you vote for us!


KillerStartups has reviewed over 500 startups for inclusion in their database. Each startup can be ranked via a Digg style points system, the highest 10 ranked listings get featured on a separate page. Each startup’s profile page also has a neat poll which a user can vote for various options about it’s imminent success or failure. (See DotSauce’s profile page)

In the near future I may review selected and exceptional startups from this directory. Many of the listings are categorized as web application tools, social networks, marketing and e-commerce, which all can be beneficial to domain owners.

On the subject of “web 2.0 domains,” I would like to mention web2.0forsale.com (great use of sub-domain and partial domain huh!?) This website is a classified type directory of startups and occasionally undeveloped domain names which are for sale. A small investment of $10 to list a website for 30 days can go a long way to making a sale.


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