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Internet Marketing Blogs: Required Reading

By on September 1, 2007

The following are a sampling of marketing blogs that I enjoy. Each one is unique in style and content and has something valuable to share with readers. These blogs contain a wealth of information on gaining wealth online through tried and tested marketing strategy.

Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim

Andy Beal is a blogging and search marketing consultant. His old search blog has since evolved into Marketing Pilgrim. A collaboration by a few talented writers bringing the latest news, reviews and rumors of the search marketing industry. They also like to stay in the know about social networking, search engines and business as they pertain to marketing.

Maki’s DoshDosh

Maki, the creator of DoshDosh is in my mind a man of pure genius! His articles are composed incredibly and contain invaluable information on niche marketing, advertising, SEO, business opportunities, web applications, blogging and soo much more.

Andy Beard’s Niche Marketing

Andy writes often with insight into marketing online. He praises social networking services such as Bumpzee, Sphinn, Squidoo and more for blog promotion. If you are looking for an edge in the blogosphere read up on some of Andy’s great articles.

John Chow’s Blog

John Chow is a wildly popular blogger who has been maintaining his marketing and advertising blog for quite some time now. He has a loyal following of readers who drop in daily to gather whats left of Chow’s marketing mojo. Monthly earnings reports make for some interesting readings. Today John Chow reported that he earned nearly $18,000 from maintaining his blog.

John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing

This blog features some excellent articles on marketing, small business and social networking. Duct Tape Marketing also features an audio Podcast.

I hope you enjoy the marketing wisdom these fellows provide you! You found them here first at DotSauce.

What’s your favorite marketing blog? Please leave a comment below.


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