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Insights into Domaining and Subdomaining on the Local Level

By on August 19, 2007

Today I came across an excellent article at Search Engine Land:

Domaining & Subdomaining In The Local Space” by Chris Smith.

This in-depth read from an industry outsider (Chris is the Lead Analyst for NetConcepts) is very informative and objective on the domaining industry. His skepticism about the ethics and profitability seems to fade as he researches local domaining.

The practice of Domaining in the local search and online business directory space has become a hot topic due to hopes that it could provide another golden source of online traffic not already thoroughly exploited.

Visual Sciences reports that: “Direct Navigation’ results in about twice as many conversions as pages located through search engines—4.23%, compared with 2.30%.”

If you are interested in learning more about this new trend of localized domains give it a read. This could be a great opportunity to invest in local search terms and long tail keyword domains to develop or promote existing business.


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