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Seeking Out Innovative Ideas to Rock the Web of Tomorrow

By on May 14, 2007

Today, the front page of FastCompany Magazine has featured a slideshow article entitled “Before They Were Fads.” Browse through a history of 7 innovative ideas, concepts or products, some of which are multi-million dollar businesses today.

In a connected economy, businesses can’t rely on the same old ideas from the same old people. To succeed, you need to seek out innovation from unexpected sources, in unexpected ways.

A few days ago in my article, “10 Tips for Investing in Domain Names,” the first tip was entitled “Attempt to Predict the Future.” It may not be as hard as you think to do just that. Rich Interactive Applications are becoming more and more common place online and they are flourishing. The “Web 2.0” revolution has driven developers to push the boundaries of standard applications. We know that technology is increasing at an exponential rate, so too are the number of people accessing the internet daily.

Having this understanding that the web is the future, we can assume that virtually every industry will soon have a presence online and will be striving to merge their business models with existing applications, be it marketing, direct sales, online communities, tools or services.

I recently purchased the domain name GradeLive.com. I am an adamant believer that technology and education will go hand and hand in the very near future. This name would be an excellent generic term to use for a teacher-student-parent web application for live daily reports on students’ grades.

Here are some things to ask yourself to get those gears churning.

  • What industries can you predict will soon flourish online?
  • What real life applications could benefit from global distribution?
  • Is there a niche audience that is lacking a presence on the web?
  • What useful tools could benefit from an interactive interface?
  • What does social networking have in-store for society and how can I make it better?

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