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IncSpring: The Future of Domain Sales?

By on October 19, 2008

incspring.pngI discovered IncSpring a few days ago on Twitter and quickly checked out their website to see what the buzz was all about.  IncSpring is a community of graphic designers who create “brands” for sale, beautiful logo designs with fictional company names.  Occasionally a brand for sale on IncSpring will come packaged with a domain name.

Matching up a quality domain name with a well designed logo really has potential.  Unfortunately, many of the domain names graphic designers choose to use are not the best quality.

An example would be, “Alidocious.com” which is currently listed with a pretty logo featuring an umbrella and stars.   While this is creative (Mary Poppins reference) it is not a functional or user friendly domain name.


I would love to connect with a great logo designer (have a few in mind already) to match up with some high quality .COM names to be listed on IncSpring.

IncSpring is a new site still in beta, so if you do sign up and start posting your brands for sale, don’t expect them to sell the next day. Over the coming weeks and months I expect IncSpring to draw more traffic and more potential brand buyers.

Visit IncSpring.com now if you’re in the market for a great brand or interested selling your own.

What do you think about IncSpring and it’s potential as a domain sales venue?  Please leave a comment below.


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