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Hundreds of Domainers on Twitter

By on January 30, 2011

DNMarket has been a free place to advertise domains for sale on Twitter since early 2009.  I’ve just approved a large number of domainers who have followed the DNMarket account recently. They have been added to the list of DNMarket Verified Domain Sellers, now 321 in all.

If you are interested in networking, learning and sharing you experiences with fellow domainers, I would encourage you to browse through the list and follow the profiles that interest you.

[Image: Rosaura Ochoa, Twitter escultura de arena, September 20, 2009 via Flickr, Creative Commons]

I also maintain another large list of Domainers on Twitter that I personally follow who may not be included on the DNMarket list. This list is comprised of experienced domain investors and domain industry professionals that provide valuable and interesting resources and discussions on Twitter. If you would like to be included on this list let me know, but please no profiles which solely advertise domains for sale.

To become a verified seller on DNMarket you simply need to follow and request to be followed back. Verified sellers are able to send direct messages to DNMarket at any time with promotional messages featuring their domains for sale. The direct messages are then broadcast to all our followers.

The DNMarket profile has 1378 followers who’ve shown interest in viewing domain names for sale. It was also recently featured on DotSauce as one of 28 free places to list your domains for sale.

Thank you for visiting DNMarket and browsing the domains listed for sale there. Please use the sharing buttons below to help spread the word about this free social marketplace and expand the domain industry’s reach on Twitter and across the web.


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