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Take Twitter to the Next Level with Hummingbird

By on April 9, 2009

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I feel as if our industry is closed off from the public, like we are talking in a small circle when we should be spreading the good word of Domaining to a much wider audience. It may be like this for many industries.

hummingbird.pngI believe, through Twitter, that we can massively expand our industry and increase awareness of the true value and profitability of Domaining, all while making more money and driving traffic to our websites.

We can reach out and network with SEO and search marketers, web developers, freelancers, graphic designers, branding experts and many more people who should be involved with Domaining!

I currently have gained over 5000 targeted followers on Twitter, largely in part to using advanced automation software called Hummingbird.

If used properly (see Tips below), it is completely within the Twitter terms of service and it is an extremely effective way to market yourself to literally thousands of people interested in what you’re doing.

If we all can reach out to these new people and get them reading domain news, watching domain auctions, reading our tips, etc., then the industry as a whole will benefit greatly!

Just What Does Hummingbird Do?

Hummingbird is a powerful, yet simple desktop software program that automates the task of following large groups of targeted Twitter users.

You’ve probably found a list of people you like before and understand how long it takes and how boring it is to click “Follow” so many times.

This premium software is currently only $197 and is working brilliantly.

I have come across some information on official forums that a new version with enhanced features is coming soon and the price will increase significantly.  Current owners will get this update for free.

You can purchase and download Hummingbird here.  I recommend you buy it now before the price goes up with the new update, but even then it’s well worth it and you can earn your investment back fast.

Tips On Getting Started With Hummingbird

Many people are using Hummingbird to amass broad groups of tens of thousands followers. I don’t recommend this method, as it can get your profile suspended and you simply won’t connect with your followers.

What you want to do first is find authority profiles and follow their followers, it’s that simple!  This is the basis for success on Twitter and gaining thousands of followers in a relatively short time.

You can even start with my 5000+ followers (of course not all at once)! My followers are in some way interested in web development, domain names, SEO, marketing and/or web design. If you Tweet about those things, there is a good chance they will follow you back!

Simply navigate to http://twitter.com/DotSauce, click my followers number and Hummingbird can go to work for you.

If you’re in another industry, search for people in your niche and you will soon find plenty of targeted people to follow.

Wait a few days between each follow session to give people time to check you out, then you can have Hummingbird un-follow those who didn’t follow you back. The software even stores a list of every person you un-follow so that you don’t bother them again.

If you have any questions about the Hummingbird software please let me know, would be happy to help get you started.


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