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Hummingbird Discount Coupon Code: Get 15% Off the Most Powerful Twitter Tool

By on May 4, 2009

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about my experience using the powerful Hummingbird Twitter automation software and how it allowed me to get over 5000 targeted followers on Twitter. Since writing that review I have almost doubled that number at 9,000+ followers.

Those numbers are just for one account!  I have several other online businesses with Twitter accounts which have many thousands of targeted followers each, all thanks to this powerful software.

Continue reading below for a great Hummingbird discount code and how you can easily achieve this success on Twitter.

What Does Hummingbird Do?

Hundreds of people are using Hummingbird to take Twitter to the next level.

This relatively simple PC software allows you to login to as many Twitter accounts as you like, search for people in your area of interest and then automatically follow people while you take a nap, walk your dog or work on something else!

Once you have followed all the people you can handle, wait awhile for those people to follow you back and then clean up your list by automatically unfollowing those people who didn’t seem interested.

This process would otherwise take hours of your valuable time each day!

Benefits of Massive Followers

  • My website traffic has increased dramatically.
  • I have built new relationships with individuals and businesses.
  • I have introduced numerous people to my industry.
  • Able to drive traffic to any resource, product or blog at any time.
  • I get tons of Re-Tweets.
  • Listed high in Twitter directories.
  • I launched a website and gained hundreds of sign ups.

…and the list goes on!  There is no reason you shouldn’t pursue more followers on Twitter.

HummingBird Discount Code

Unfortunately, there are currently no Hummingbird discount codes. Bookmark this post and check back for updates!

However, the Hummingbird software can now be yours for just $4.97 per month by using this link to get the limited time offer.


The powerful and innovative new Hummingbird 2 Pro software is now available for $197!

Many people have told me (and I agree) that Hummingbird can pay for itself in just the first week. I highly recommend you give it a try and start leveraging the awesome power of the Twitter crowd!


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