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How To List Domains For Sale on Sedo (Video Tutorial)

By on December 31, 2010

This will be the first in a series of brief video guides aimed at providing excellent domain sales exposure. In each tutorial I will explain the process of listing your domain names for sale on the most popular and effective marketplaces.

Domain industry websites can sometimes be confusing during the learning period. Dozens of options and features associated with managing domains can overwhelm. These video guides aim to make the process simple and straightforward by leading you through key areas of the listing process.

How To Sell Domains on Sedo

The first video features the industry leading marketplace, Sedo.com. Sedo is an international domain name marketplace and holds the title for the largest inventory and most heavily trafficked website.

Listing domains on Sedo is a great starting point for getting exposure to your sale, so let’s get started…

View in Full-screen HD to read text and links. Domains shown are examples.


Hello –

Today I will be showing you how to list domains for sale on the most popular domain marketplace, Sedo.com

Sedo recently updated their domain management control panel, so this may be important information to review for both new and experienced domain sellers.

Step 1. After registering for an account, sign in and click “My Sedo” then “Add Domains”

If this is your first time at Sedo, you will need to complete the member certification process before attempting to buy or sell.

Step 2. Enter a list of domains you would like to sell, one domain on each line.

To keep the tutorial brief, I am going to add two domains to my account.

Step 3. Check the box next to the user agreement which states that you are the rightful owner of the domains and that Sedo will take a 10% commission on completed sales.

Step 4. On this page you will define the category, listing type and price of your domain.

It is generally regarded as a best practice to define a fixed price for your domain. I would not recommend setting a minimum offer – having an individual interested at any price is a good thing.

As you can see, Sedo is pretty smart at guessing a domain name category, but you can click the category title to change it.

Step 5. Sedo will now offer you the option to park your domains by setting the nameservers, though you are not obligated to do so. Parking can earn a small amount of revenue from clicks on advertisements and enables you to track traffic statistics.

Your domains may not appear on the site for a few hours or until ownership has been verified by Sedo’s systems.

Once ownership has been verified you can access Domain Management to make changes to your listings.

And that concludes the simple process of listing domains for sale on Sedo.com, stay tuned to DotSauce Magazine for more on selling domains and best practices at the top industry marketplaces.

Sedo Domain Management

This official video provides an overview of recent updates to Sedo’s domain management control panel.

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I wish you the best of luck with your sales on Sedo. If you have any questions about Sedo or domain sales in general, please join the community at the DotSauce Q&A Forum and ask away.

The next videos in the series will reveal more great places to list your domains for sale. So be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for updates.


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