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How To Easily Find Popular Keyword Domains

By on November 7, 2007

Step 1: Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Visit the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and enter one or more keywords or longtail keywords (popular phrases) on separate lines.

Enter Keywords

Here is a list of keywords I used as an example specifically for this article:

  • blog marketing
  • blog advertising
  • blog sales
  • blog text links
  • blog affiliates
  • blog revenue

Step 2: Download Results as Text File

You should now be looking at a long list of keywords related to your initial search. These keyword suggestions are exact phrases that are typed into Google Search. Below your results table will be an option to download all keywords to text file.

Download Text File

Step 3: Bulk Domain Availability Check

Open the text file you just downloaded and copy all the keywords listed. Note: Some keyword phrases may be blatantly useless and you can exclude those lines from the file at this time.

Paste your list of keywords, longtail keywords and search phrases into a bulk domain availability search tool. Moniker’s Bulk Registration tool is my personal favorite for reliability, speed and security. The spaces between words will automatically be removed and “.com” will be appended to the end of each line.

Available Domains

Voila, great domain names available to register!

You have now found some domain names that reflect exact searched for keywords and keyword phrases. By properly developing and optimizing the domain with your keywords and relevant content, your domain will have a serious edge over the competition!

You end up with a list of available premium search keyword domains!

Here are the exact results I came up with:

  • LinkToMyBlog.comTaken!
  • BlogTheSaleCycle.com
  • BlogMarketingPrograms.com
  • LinkToYourBlog.com
  • AdvertisingYourBlog.comTaken!
  • LinkToBlog.com
  • BlogWebsiteForSale.com
  • BlogMarketingCompany.com
  • BlogNetworkMarketing.com
  • BlogMarketingProgram.comTaken!
  • AdvertisingConsultantBlog.com
  • BloggingAffiliate.comTaken!
  • BlogsRevenue.com
  • AdvertiseBlogs.comTaken!
  • MarketingBlogSpot.com

I was very tempted to register several of these domain names (especially the ones highlighted in bold). They would be nice additions to my portfolio of names for sale. However, on second thought, I believe it would be a neat social experiment to see how long these great domain names remain available after having been posted on DotSauce.

If you decide to register one of the domain names above, I would like to request that you write a blog post about your new domain name and how you found it at DotSauce! It also would be very kind of you to make a donation through PayPal.

Available Domain Update!

Well it seems a few people took my suggestions to heart. All 5 of the domains that I showed interest in with a bold highlight have been claimed in less than 24 hours after I originally posted.

Here is a message I received from Jeff K of DNfolio:

Hey Mark,

Great blog post – thanks for sending the link my way.

I grabbed LinkToMyBlog.com and AdvertisingYourBlog.com

… I’d like to donate $5 for each domain.

Kind regards,


Thanks Jeff!


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