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How To Customize The New PayPal Checkout Page

By on September 24, 2010

PayPal has just introduced one of the first major changes to its checkout process in years.  Shiny new branding and checkout page styling options are being rolled out for merchants to take advantage of.

The new checkout pages have been rated faster in usability testing by PayPal which helps tremendously to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Also introduced with the update are custom payment page styles which allow PayPal members to include two branded logo images and surrounding border colors displayed as a gradient.

New page styles can be applied to all of PayPal’s eCommerce options:

  • Buy Now button
  • Checkout button
  • Donation button
  • PayPal Shopping Carts
  • PayPal Website Payments

Follow these simple steps to create a custom style for your PayPal checkout.

Step 1. Navigate to Profile Summary

Step 2. Navigate to Custom Payment Pages

Step 3. Add New Page Style

Step 4. Enter Your Logo Image URLs

Your logo should be resized to 190×60 pixels. It’s a pretty small space, so be sure to eliminate any whitespace in your logo by cropping it first.

The large 750×90 pixel banner image and additional border color options are also available, but are optional.

Step 5. Enter Color Code

You may find the Colorzilla addon for Firefox or EyeDropper extension for Chrome helpful for this step.

Do not include the # sign when pasting your hex color code here.

Step 6. Set Default OR Add Page Style Variable to Code

Once saved, you have the option to make your new custom page style the default for your account.

If you accept payments for more than one business or service, I recommend you add the “page_style” variable to define the name of a style for each of your checkout buttons or shopping cart code.


Your PayPal checkout should now feature your logo and accompanying colors. Here’s to a better branded, more seamless checkout experience for your customers!

Are you happy with these improvements? Are you planning on using all of the new page style options or just some? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts or consider sharing this how-to guide with a fellow PayPal merchant.


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