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Lots of Hot Stuff Going on Here at DotSauce Magazine!

By on December 27, 2007

I’d like to share with you all some things that have been going on around here. 2007 was an awesome time for me and I am more excited than you can imagine for what 2008 will bring for DotSauce Magazine.

Our very own Domain Forums are now live!

You can register here for free. If you would like to get exclusive content like high quality available domain lists, coupons & discounts, insider tips, tutorials, articles and scripts then consider upgrading your forum membership to a DotSauce Premium Subscription for only $10 per month.

HOT Advertising Opportunities are back!

Want to reach thousands of developers and domainers every month? I have enabled a few excellent advertising positions throughout DotSauce. These positions are 125×125 banners and sponsored text links above the fold on every page! Spaces are limited, first come first serve. Please see our sponsorship page for details and purchasing instructions.

Domainer’s Choice Awards

DotSauce is in the final round of the Domainer’s Choice Awards. I would be extremely honored to win the title of “Best Domain Publication.”
Please click here to vote for DotSauce!
(If you’ve already voted before you can vote again.) Ends Dec. 31st!
Hint: Do a Ctrl+F search for “DotSauce” on the really long poll page.

Christmas Giveaway Fun!

There was an astounding amount of people wanting to get their hands on my Christmas tech toys. Thanks to everyone who subscribed to DotSauce Magazine. Congratulations to all the lucky winners! Please email me your addresses so I can get your prizes to your doorstep soon.

Expired Domain Mining Discovery

I have recently discovered an awesome Google search query which allowed me to gather hundreds of quality expired domains everyday. Because this information could potentially be abused as well as it’s evident value, I have decided to release it to Premium Subscribers, please read this article for more information and a sample list of domains.

I think that about covers everything, have a wonderful New Year!


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