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Handpicked Expired Domains Available To Register

By on June 6, 2011

As promised, this week marks the comeback of handpicked expired domains published here on DotSauce Magazine.

Domain Club members won’t claim all the available domains and they’re often cherry-picking from our high quality $19 domain inventory, so I’ve decided to offer sample lists for all DotSauce readers to enjoy.

This first sample list was taken from the initial handpicked expired domain lists offered exclusively to DotSauce Domain Club Pro and Business level members during our launch 3 months ago.

Handpicked Expired Domains

Please do not republish this list.

  • CollegePhilosophy.com
  • TradingFiles.com
  • WeeksWeather.com
  • BloggingBrand.com
  • FightsMedia.com
  • IdealNotebook.com
  • LinkRedirects.com
  • UpdateSolutions.com
  • PerfectLullaby.com
  • LasikOptics.com
  • BooksBase.com
  • BlogSignature.com
  • BenchTraining.com
  • NetworkPackage.com
  • DeskMemo.com
  • TransportFood.com
  • FlirtProfile.com
  • PoliticalRankings.com
  • PreviewCasinos.com
  • UsefulDownload.com

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The next sample list is ready to go, so be sure to subscribe to the weekly newsletter or RSS feed. And, of course, you can always get a Domain Club Pro membership for instant access.

Heads Up Domain Club Members

A new handpicked expired domain list will be published on the member forums later today!

Claimed Domains

For a glimpse at activity on the inside, here are a few of the domains from the same list that were available to Domain Pro Club members, but have since been claimed.

  • ThemePulse.com
  • WheelForums.com
  • CaliRiders.com
  • WatchRank.com
  • ExpertArticle.com
  • WallpaperCloud.com
  • GreatBookmarks.com

Don’t miss out on great finds like these. Learn about the many Domain Club Pro membership features, including exclusive access to new and archived handpicked expired domains.

Pro and Business level members are able to register these domains on a first-come, first-serve basis and can set up a convenient email alert to stay on top of newly published lists.

I hope you find one of the domains from this list of interest and are able to see the value in this particular Domain Club feature. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or would like to say thanks for a domain that you’ve registered from the list. Your feedback is always appreciated.


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