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42 Handpicked Expired Domains Available for Registration

By on January 28, 2010

Handpicked expired domains

I’ve recently dived back into some domain research after much too long of a break and have chosen a select 42 quality .COM domain names that have recently expired and become available to register.

Here’s your chance to get into the domain game!

Yes, the domain names listed below can be claimed at any registrar for cheap and can be resold at a later date, kept as an investment or developed into a website destination, further increasing their value.

Use this link to GoDaddy.com to register domains for just $10.

If you’re an experienced domainer, you will certainly see the potential in many of these domains.

I have not been able to keep up with regular updates to the previously advertised available domains newsletter over the past few months.  So, I apologize to those who were expecting them. Hopefully things will pick up and I will be able to publish more lists like this soon.

Make A Donation

If you feel inclined to give back, here is a way to make a donation through PayPal for my time spent researching these domains.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. Enjoy your new domains!

42 Expired Domain Names Available to Register

Please show due respect to other readers by not bulk registering. I also ask that you do not republish this list on any other website. Thank you!

  1. VitaminFeed.com – Taken
  2. VideoIraq.com – Taken
  3. AuctionReserves.com – Taken
  4. PriceApparel.com – Taken
  5. WatchFish.com – Taken
  6. ExpressPresents.com – Taken
  7. SkilletMeal.com – Taken
  8. TrendyBrand.com – Taken
  9. TrialCasino.com – Taken
  10. RobotShirts.com – Taken
  11. LocalMarathon.com – Taken
  12. LuxuriousBathrobes.com – Taken
  13. HomebuiltComputer.com – Taken
  14. GamesAnimation.com – Taken
  15. DancerBoots.com – Taken
  16. StartingPiano.com – Taken
  17. SkateMags.com
  18. TranslationGadget.com – Taken
  19. NotebookGadget.com – Taken
  20. PictureGadget.com – Taken
  21. VoIPFeatures.com – Taken
  22. PowerfulForms.com – Taken
  23. DevelopedMobile.com
  24. NetworkingJunkie.com – Taken
  25. PlasticFabrics.com
  26. SimpleSold.com – Taken
  27. LoansQuestion.com – Taken
  28. SkydivingJump.com – Taken
  29. WatermarkPicture.com – Taken
  30. AlbuquerqueLimousines.com
  31. HoustonNewsletter.com
  32. ProcessorWars.com – Taken
  33. StrawberrySweets.com
  34. RetailorsReport.com – Taken
  35. ArticleRanking.com – Taken
  36. AutismDisability.com – Taken
  37. CollectibleBaseball.com – Taken
  38. BookmarkStart.com – Taken
  39. TouchFlash.com
  40. WeeklyClearance.com – Taken
  41. PopularTicket.com – Taken

As always… any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome!

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