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Guide to Getting the Most Out of Backlinks to Your Domain

By on April 25, 2007

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page.

It is very important for website owners to get the most out of their backlinks with what little control they have over them. Ideally another site owner will contact you about placing a link or use code that you provide directly from your website. This is not always the case, but for sake of a good example, we are going to assume you have some control over how your backlink is formatted.

To include “WWW” or not to include “WWW.”

Probably the most overlooked and common mistake when promoting a website. However, it’s the easiest to fix. Listen up! Search for your domain name on Google, preferably by your top keywords. Use the format that Google displays! If you get backlinks formatted with the wrong prefix they do not count towards your PageRank.

<a href="http://www.DotSauce.com">

What does your link say?

This can be the hardest step for alot of domain owners, you don’t have many words to draw attention to your link. You want to include your name and what you are about in the best possible way. Use your top keywords within the link tag and make sure it is easily readable. Find a good phrase and use what works for you.

.com">DotSauce Domain Name Magazine</a>

Not only handy, but functional.

You want to take a similar approach here as with your actual link text. Title tags provide you with added space to beef up keywords and grab attention. Don’t repeat your exact link text here, instead provide a strong call to action to someone who is hovering their mouse over your link.

title="Hot news and resources for domain owners!">

Will not improve PageRank, but is beneficial for incoming traffic.

Sometimes directories and link swaps will call for a description which follows your link and is used to clarify what your website offers. Don’t use caps at all except for the first letter and proper nouns, avoid exclamations and generic marketing slang. In todays day and age the web users has become immune to advertising jargon and may skip right over flashy and demanding text. The best thing to do is be real and describe what you have to offer.

Magazine</a> – Articles, polls, resources and tools for domain name owners.

Linking to blogs, directories and websites with similar content.

Over the years we have come to learn that GoogleBot is known to place more value in backlinks on which content and keywords are similar to your content. It is ill advised to spam your links to anyone and everyone with a website, as this can be interpreted as spamming and have harmful affects on your rankings. Google also takes into account the PageRank of a site linking to you to determine the value or that link. Find niche directories for your industry, find groups of your interest area on popular social networks and reach out to other website owners.

You can use our BackLink Checker tool to manage your progress and keep track of who is linking to you.

BackLinks don’t mean everything. Google and other search engines seem to take note when you link to high PageRank sites that are relevant to your content. Here is a great list of websites with high page rank, hopefully you can find some related to your site.

Following these steps will provide you with the best possible results. Be courteous to your fellow sponsors and friends by applying these tips to their links. DotSauce has opportunities available for link exchanges for those websites involved with the domain industry, contact us for details.

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