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The Greenest Domains on Earth: A Look at Premium “Green” Dot Coms

By on August 21, 2008

Green.com | For Sale | Registered in 1999greendotcom.png

The Green.com website currently resolves to a glorified “domain for sale” landing page which I believe is using some Jedi mind tricks.  Below the fold is a promotional blurb for the fabulous Entertainment.com coupon book.

GoGreen.com | Active | Registered in 1997

The ever popular catch phrase “Go Green” is currently owned by an organization based in Vancouver Canada that supports go green transportation initiatives.  Content is under review as the splash page says, but I genuinely did enjoy the “Seven Great Ways To Get Around” feature, nice retro clip-art!

GreenPlanet.com | Active | Registered in 2003

This beauty is owned by Green Planet Environmental Ltd, a non-profit organization based in Liverpool England. They make the planet green by developing sustainable products that work with nature for areas in most need such as Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Aboriginal Australia.

GreenEarth.com | Doomed | Registered in 1997

Currently a “Coming Soon” message.  A quick glance at Archive.org reveals that in all GreenEarth.com’s 12 years, it has never really been used, kinda sad!  Soon to be some form of marketplace for green products, we’ll see.

GreenMagazine.com | Active | Registered in 2001greendeere.png

The Green Magazine for none other than… John Deere tractor enthusiasts?  You guessed it!

GreenEnergy.com | Forwards | Registered in 1997

Forwards to TransAlta Wind’s Vision Quest Windelectric business channeling the power of wind into local power grids.

GreenMovement.com | Parked | Registered in 2005

Finally a domain that needs a home!  GreenMovement.com is currently parked.  A look at the whois shows that it is owned by somebody livin’ it up in the Grand Cayman Islands.  Hey Frank, is that you? :)

GreenProducts.com | Active | Registered in 1997greenproducts.png

This Iowa based trucking company processes corn cobs into all kinds of great pet bedding and litter. The potential is lacking, technically this company isn’t “Green” in the since of environmental friendliness at all, rather it was founded by Clifford Green  in 1947.

GreenIdeas.com | Active | Registered in 1999

Personal blog of one Alibert Botogol of the United Kingdom.

GreenTechnology.com | Parked | Registered in 2001

Yet another parked green domain. I really like this one, anyone care to broker the sale, get a good deal for me!

Top Prices Paid for Green Domain Names

These are the highest reported sales for “Green” domains. Some listings have been removed that were not relevant.

GreenPackaging.com sold for $25,000 (Mar 2008)
GreenhouseGases.com sold for $21,975 (Dec 2007)
GreenVehicle.com sold for $15,000 (Feb 2008)
Greenster.com sold for $10,895 (Mar 2008)
GoGreenToday.com sold for $10,000 (Jul 2008)
GreenStyle.com sold for $10,000 (Mar 2008)
GreenTips.com sold for $6,288 (Jun 2008)

Sources: NameBio & DNSalePrices

After looking into all these green domains, I am surprised not to see more premium sales recorded. Hopefully that means there are still good deals to be done.

The real winners here are those who picked up green domains before the word went viral. However, it is still very possible and probably profitable to invest into the green domain niche.

I would really love to own a great “green” .COM domain name for a project I have in mind.  Feel free to contact me.

Do you have any Green Domains?

Leave a comment below! Tell us about your green domain names or any stories you might have about this trend.


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