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GoogleBot finally updates PageRank after 92 days

By on April 28, 2007

There has been some buzz on various forums all day about the latest PageRank ratings that GoogleBot is dishing out. At the moment only half of the datacenters are showing the updated rankings. New ranks should spread over the next few days as the results aggregate over the web!

Unfortunately DotSauce having launched this month did not have time to sneak past PageRank 0, but for an example you can see for yourself here that my MySpace music directory website is going from PR0 to PR4.

PageRank is not everything when it comes to the value of a domain name, search engine page rank for specific keywords is more important. However, PageRank can help you to better promote your site and most definitely can improve your advertising sales as well as popularity in general.

So, how did you fare during this long-awaited update? Comment here on your new ranks and post a link.


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