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Google Teams Up With Snap For New AdSense Revenue Opportunity

By on November 8, 2007

SnapShots is a relatively new web based technology that allows your website visitors to visually preview external content. (Sorry Feed Readers, you will have to visit the site to see this one in action!) I have tried, tested, blogged about and enjoyed the SnapShots service in several of my web development projects in the past.

New Features and Interactive Snap Previews

Just last week, Snap.com rolled out free memberships, which allow you to customize your Snap Preview displays at any time as well as input your AdSense Publisher ID to earn money by displaying relevant textual links directly below your Snap Previews.

Here are a few first hand examples of some of the new Snap Previews in action, hover over the icon next to each link to activate the content preview.

Getting Started with SnapShares
Input Your AdSense Publisher ID

Within the “Manage Your Site” section you simply click on the “Snap Shares” tab, select AdSense Network and input your publisher ID (e.g. pub-12345…)

Now simply copy and paste your lightweight SnapShot JavaScript before the closing </body> tag of your pages. Your Snap Previews with AdSense links will automatically be included immediately after your site loads. It is too early as of yet to report on any click activity or revenue earnings.

SnapShots Isn’t For Everyone

I have had complaints in the past about the bulky and awkward “pop up” styling of these windows. Maybe it’s the icons, the design or just that some people are not used to something like this application. If you do not like SnapShots you can easily turn them off permanently by clicking the small gear box icon at the top right of any Preview Shot to edit your individual display options.

I think the SnapShot application provides excellent benefits for both content publishers and readers alike. They save visitors time by having extended external content right at their fingertips. They make websites dynamic and interactive or “sticky,” if you will, which in turn keeps your website visitors staying longer and coming back!


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