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Straight From Google: Best Practices SEO Guide

By on November 12, 2008

Just announced on the official Google Webmaster Central blog, a best practices guide for Search Engine Optimization has been published for those new to SEO or not familiar with all of the best ways to improve your listings on Google search.

I quickly read the 22 page PDF guide and can confirm it does have some great tips and guidelines for improving your websites by optimizing all the things GoogleBot looks at when crawling your site. The guide features lots of illustrations, tips and tutorials, things to avoid, even some information on using social networks.

If you’ve been doing SEO for awhile now you may be aware of all the suggestions Google provides in their SEO guide.  I personally found it refreshing to read the guide over and see that I am doing things right! So, check it out and see what the Google SEO guide can help you with.

Get it: Google’s Search Engine Optimization Guide (PDF)

Google has also mentioned they plan to keep the guide updated as often as possible to keep suggestions and tech advice current.


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