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Google Searches Now Case Sensitive

By on April 23, 2008

My buddy Russel Rockefeller pointed out some interesting news today about a change in Google search results. Many, including myself, have confirmed that Google search results are now case sensitive. I don’t know how long this has been in effect, but many developers and marketers are surprised and concerned about the impact this may have on their business.

Update Apr. 23: A day later, search results are no longer case sensitive. My suspicions may have proved true that this was simply a test by Google to improve the accuracy of results. We may see this change return if Google labs decides that their test was a success.

Check out the results yourself. Searches for “Domain Industry” and “domain industry” return similar websites, but rankings are changed up significantly. Other keywords and phrases have even more dramatic changes. Oddly enough, this documentation on Google clearly states that search results are not case-sensitive.

There is speculation that this may be an attempt to serve more accurate results. For example if someone was to search for “widget” it would be assumed they are looking for a thing. But, when someone searches for “Widget” they may be looking for a company or specific product.

How will this affect search engine optimization and marketing? Will marketers now need to write copy with varying capitalization of keywords and phrases? I guess we will have to wait and hear what Google has to say if anything.


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