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Google’s “Knol” Project Prompts Tens of Thousands to Visit Dutch Steam Cleaning Website

By on December 26, 2007

Google has an exciting new project which they call a “Knowledge Portal,” hence the codename Knol. It has been rumored that Google is upset about Wikipedia dominating it’s search results and is releasing this open-author information sharing website to compete for some top results. Knol is currently in private beta testing, you can read more information on it here. It is also naturally getting alot of buzz from the blogosphere.


What?! Knol.com Owned by Steam Cleaning Company

Tens of thousands of visitors, including myself, typed “Knol.com” into their browsers after hearing the news, only to be baffled by a Dutch website featuring high quality vacuums and steam cleaners. The company who owns the domain has posted a thank you message to Google, for the traffic and publicity I assume. They later posted this surprising message which is, oddly enough, badly translated by Google:

“Well, from that Friday there is a real run immediately on domains that the word “Knol” in itself, as also the domain knol.com….. This has resulted in tens of thousands of visitors who came to take a look at our Knol.com! ….. In a short time, we had received visitors from more than 130 countries around the world.

Fortunately, the website in a position to be able bastions and the site remained in the air.

But that was not in, we were by Jan and alleman asked if we do not want to sell the domain….. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint everyone, how beautiful their offer sometimes.

…. In short, it was a special experience.”

There you have it, they will not be selling the domain name to Google, nor any other individual. Someone should call and suggest a way to monetize their new temporary flood of international traffic.

The Squatters Came Out in Full Force

A quick search on Sedo shows 358 pages of domains containing the term “Knol.” Many have bids and are receiving a minor amount of traffic. Apparently these people do not realize that “Knol” is only a codename! Google is going to brand it’s new knowledge portal with a completely different name and acquire it’s respective domain name.

Think before you squat.


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