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Google Instant Search for Products: A New Keyword Research Goldmine?

By on February 14, 2011

A few days ago, I announced Google’s inclusion of Instant search for Chrome‘s browser URL bar. Now, I have just heard news that another key search location, the Google Products search portal, now has custom Instant search results.

Google Products can now offer unprecedented insight into what products people want to buy.

Web developers and entrepreneurs should consider consulting Google Instant data for keywords related to their products and services. Alongside the AdWords Keyword tool, Google Instant results rankings and keywords can be useful for both SEO and domain name research.

I am currently focusing on shorter domains (typically two-word), but I know many domain investors are interested in product domains and long-tail keywords for capturing eCommerce traffic. So, I am going to offer the results of my first keyword research experiment with Google Products and share with you how you can find available domains with your own keywords using this method.

Available Domains Found Using Google Products

I was able to find these exact match keyword domains in a relatively short time before writing this article. Several surprising results. You’re welcome to register these domains, but please don’t post this list elsewhere.

  1. 3DVideoCameraForSale.com
  2. 3DVideoGoggles.com
  3. BestTabletNotebook.com
  4. BookReaderLight.com
  5. DigitalProjectionTV.com
  6. DigitalProjectorBulb.com
  7. DigitalProjectorsPrice.com
  8. RefurbishedDigitalProjector.com
  9. TabletNotebookTouchScreen.com
  10. TabletPCWithGPS.com
  11. ValentinesDayCostume.com
  12. ValentinesDayInvitations.com
  13. ValentinesDayShoes.com
  14. WebsiteMalwareMonitoring.com
  15. WirelessHeadphonesWithMic.com

GoDaddy has extended the $7.49 .com special another week if you want to pick one of these up.

How To Extract Keywords from Google Product Searches

You will notice that Google Instant results can not be selected, highlighted or copied because of their AJAX style implementation and constant updates. So, I had to use a little ingenuity to quickly get a keyword list.

I quickly discovered manually typing out the instant results from Google Products was going to be a pain. I thought to take a few image snapshots of keyword search results of interest to save for later. I used MS Office OneNote for screen capturing, but you can use any number of browser extensions to capture an image of a web page.

I then copy and pasted all the results on to one page (you can do this in Paint, Word, OneNote, PhotoShop) and basically combined them to be one image. (Shown below)

This shows 9 searches which yielded the 15 product domains listed above. Of course, I did have to filter out some obvious Trademarked results.

I took the full screenshot of keyword results to a web application called Free OCR that extracts text from images. Surprisingly, the text came out perfectly formated with one result on each line, ready to be pasted into your choice of bulk domain lookup tool. For most bulk domain availability checks you don’t even have to remove the spaces between keywords or add “.com” to the end, it’s automatic.

I hope you are able to find some interesting domains to compliment your business or add to your portfolio. Stay tuned to DotSauce this week for another exciting opportunity involving domain investment and available domains.

Please leave a comment if you found this keyword research method useful or if you would like to share your results.


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