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Instant Pages: Google Plans to Preload #1 Search Result

By on June 14, 2011

Ranking #1 on Google is about to get a major new perk. Today at a live event, dubbed Inside Search, Google has unveiled several innovative new search features including one that could make your website load faster than you ever thought possible.

Along with Voice Search for desktop, Google has introduced a brand new concept in search; preloading the webpage of the first search result.

As a user performs a search Google will use web rendering technology to load the webpage of the #1 search result behind the scenes. When the user navigates to the top search result the website has already been loaded and the site renders instantly.

Coming to Chrome Browser Soon

Google’s Amit Singhal states pages load 3 to 5 times faster for the average user. VentureBeat reports the feature is now available on the developer version of Google chrome and will début in the public beta later this week.

It’s obvious Google is committed to a faster search experience, most notably by rewarding websites that are optimized with better search rankings. When Instant Pages goes live the competition for the #1 search position will become much more intense, but the reward will be all the more sweet.

Extremely Beneficial for Website Owners

This is incredible news for website owners, especially those ranking well for many search terms. If you’re not, it’s time to read up on some of the new rules of SEO.

With instant load times, visitors’ time on-site and lead conversions will increase, bounce-rate will be reduced and more unique visitors will be recorded via analytics. Clicking on the top result will become preferential for the average user. Hopefully Google will expand Instant Pages feature to further top results so that more websites can benefit from instant loading times.

You can get some results now, the previous article here on DotSauce features several resources and tips for website optimization that can increase website speed.

Below is a video demonstration and introduction to Instant Pages.


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