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Google Launches Consumer Surveys, Offers New Revenue Stream for Publishers

By on March 30, 2012

Google has just launched an innovative new service that aims to monetize web content by providing crowdsourced consumer surveys for businesses.

Google Consumer Surveys will connect brands wishing to collect consumer information to publishers wanting to monetize premium content. Publishers will be able to host consumer surveys that will be presented to visitors as a replacement for advertisements, pay-walls, access to premium content and services, or any other item of value a website owner would like to offer.

VentureBeat reports Google Consumer Surveys launched this week and brands are currently paying $0.10 to $0.50 for each response to survey questions. There is an application form for interested publishers.

Example of Google Surveys Publisher partner

Traditionally, website owners would offer free content, downloads or discounts as incentive for email newsletter subscriptions or membership. Google Consumer Surveys is a promising new option for directly monetizing premium content or features on your website.

Crowdsourced services have thrived in recent years. The success of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk spurred an entire industry of crowdsourced services for various niches. Google has taken note of the success of crowdsourcing and has developed an ingenious product to fulfill the needs of businesses, publishers and even consumers who get to access to free content.

Do you think Google Consumer Surveys will perform well for publishers and businesses? Do you plan on giving it a try? Please leave a comment with your thoughts or questions about this new option for website monetization.


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