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Google and Bing Confirm Social Media Impacts Search Rankings

By on December 3, 2010
SEO Advice

Google and Bing recently fielded interview questions on social signals from Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan. The news that Twitter and Facebook impact SEO has been confirmed after much speculation.

In one response, Google writes that the number of times an article is shared on Twitter is used as a signal in both organic search rankings and Google News.

Both Bing and Google mention that they calculate some form of social authority for use in live search and limited situations within ordinary web search.

Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz has just published his reaction to the news, describing exactly how social media may impact search engine rankings and SEO strategy.

The SEO metrics of tomorrow may well include social data such as:

  • Timing – Is this an automated Tweet or something of more value?
  • Diversity – How many people shared this link and are they important?
  • Engagement – How many clicks, likes and retweets?
  • Social Authority – How many followers and friends?
  • Relevance – Sharing randomness or sticking to a topic?

Rand excitedly predicts this may bring about the end of web spam as we know it. How so? Few people will follow or friend a profile that is not authentic or is being used for advertising purposes.

Social media has become an integral part of marketing and is now extending it’s reach into the powerhouses of the web.

For the best chances of success in gaining maximum exposure across Google and Bing, it will become increasingly important to be active on Twitter and Facebook.

Publishers and marketers should make it a goal to grow a large following, add social media buttons to your website and adopt other proven social media strategies.

Have you noticed social media providing a boost to your SEO efforts? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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